• Megan Russell

Wedding Get Away

We left on Thursday after Wade got off of work and headed to Michigan. We drove 5? Hours straight. We stopped about half way for dinner. It was good. We had a lot of great conversations. My best friend was going through a tough breakup at the exact same time. So it was nice for me, it was a good distraction. We both kind of went back to back. My issues distracted Ty from his issues, and his issues distracted me from mine. It was nice, haha.

Friday was the rehearsal dinner. Her venue was absolutely beautiful. Her decorations were starting to come up. I could tell this wedding was going to be everything she ever dreamed of. Dinner was good. Wade went to high school with Allison’s fiance and his twin brother. So they were catching up. Wade got invited to go to their Airbnb they had for a “party”, so I told her to just go and have fun. Allison and I got to talk one on one for a while in the hotel room that night. It was nice.

The day of the wedding was amazing. It was busy and fun and fast. Everything it normally is like for a wedding. Wade and I both had a great time during the wedding. A lot of dancing and drinking and hiding from all my problems. It was so nice to get away during this time. I got to put all my energy into making this weekend perfect for Allison. And that is exactly what I did.


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