• Megan Russell

January 1, 2020

I spent the entire night on the couch. And the bathroom floor. 750am I called out for my husband. I mean, yelled and screamed from the bathroom in the living room. I needed him. I could hardly get off the floor. I had spent all night awake. Everytime I would cough, I was vomiting. I would drink water after vomiting, but just so that the next time that I vomited, there would be something to puke. Wade comes out and finds me in the bathroom. He can tell that I am not well. I told him that I need to go to the hospital. Now, for me to actually say, “I need to go to the hospital,” It’s a big deal. I work there. I don’t want to go there for nothing. All I could think about is how much I had not kept down and I needed to think of the ball of cells as well. I had a baby inside of me. I need to make sure that I am okay. I knew that I was dehydrated. I called my best friend Ty, who was getting off of work any minute. He answers and is like, “Is everything okay?” He knew the answer. He knew I was sick. And he knew I wouldn’t call unless I needed something.

“Can you please come over and watch Hudson? I need to go to the hospital?”

“Absolutely. I will be there as soon as I can.”

And he was. I seriously have one of the best support systems ever. It is amazing.

Ty comes over and Wade drives me to the hospital. I check in and I get back to my room. Of course it is RM 1. This room. This room is a bad room for me. Last January, my grandfather, my dad’s father, had coded in this room. This particular day, my department loves to talk about. This day they had three codes. (by codes, I mean, code blue- adult arrest, like a person isn’t breathing or have a pulse.) This was the only room they had open, so I appreciate my co-workers not making me sit in the waiting room. But I would have understood. I wasn’t dying, I was just severely dehydrated.

The day my grandpa died, I knew something was wrong. My mom’s mom had called me because grandpa’s wife couldn’t get ahold of anyone. It was a very strange situation to be honest. It was all very odd. So I called my mom, and told her that I had this voicemail from grandma and grandpa Tom. It was so strange. She told me they were headed to the hospital because something was wrong. At this point, I am getting around as fast as possible so that I could meet my family there. Minutes later, my mom called me, begging me to come down and that grandpa had died. We rushed down there. I go in, and I see my grandpa, my loved one, laying on the bed, intubated, IO access, IVs, I can see all the things that my second family did to save his life. It was such an out of body experience for me. This is my department. I have worked codes in this room, on this bed, and everything. I am normally on the other side of this situation, but here I am. Looking at my grandpa.

But, January 1st, 2020. I am lying in the same bed sick. I get my fluids, and some cough syrup. My doctor told me that I could take some cough syrups to help that were safe with pregnancy. Okay. This is good. I am on Tamiflu and cough medications so help. I am going to get through this.

I go home and thank Ty a million times for helping watch Hudson. He laid him down for his nap, fed him, and cleaned my house. Literally the best friend anyone could ask for. He made sure that we didn't need anything before he left and then headed home to let me rest more.

I had to call off for the rest of the week and cancel my TNCC class that I was supposed to do this week. At this point, my life is so messed up. I just want to sleep.

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